NAT Total Security offers a unified threat management that includes functions such as Firewall (ATP + IPS), Proxy, Application Control, Antispam, Web Application Firewall, VPN Clients, WIFI Controller, Reports, etc. All these functions are managed from a single point of Cloud management that allows you to have significant savings in infrastructure, licensing, administration and support of the different devices that you would have to use to cover the same security areas.


Our service provides a customizable control panel with which you can manage roles and permissions for each of the administrators depending on their level of access, you can configure updates automatically and define objects for networks, services, hosts, etc. It will have a programmable notification system that will alert you to any event via SNMP or email.



We provide protection against intruders that has engines with more than 15000 patterns, blocking DoS and DDoS attacks, we can make blocks by countries and manage exclusions, we manage VoIP for SIP and H.313 connections, identity-based rules, Site VPN Site (SSL, IPSec, AES / 3DES, PFS, etc). Additionally, we detect and block the information leakage traffic that is connected to the C & C servers, we also identify the infected servers and we will notify you by email.


Our content control system allows us to make blocks based on categories, domains, public addresses, etc. In addition we can build our own categories, select our own black and white lists based on domains, block download extensions, block downloads greater than any number of Megabytes, scan web traffic with up to 2 engines from different manufacturers at the same time, perform synchronizations of safesearch and youtube for school, etc. A common case is to block categories such as Social Networks (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc), Streaming (Youtube), Downloads, etc; In order to ensure that employees do not use work time for leisure purposes.



The quality of service allows us to guarantee or limit the bandwidth for any application, port or specific user. This helps us in such a way that in case of having services such as cameras, IP telephony, some own application, etc; we can thanks to the service quality rules guarantee a dedicated bandwidth to ensure the proper functioning of them. In addition we can limit the bandwidth consumption either by applications, ports or users in this way we can avoid saturation bandwidth.



Automate your Internet link redundancy, does not require configuration: When it detects that a WAN is Down, it redirects the navigation (including filtering and security policies) in minutes through the operative link; similarly, when the WAN is again Up and stable they are added again). Additionally it is possible to discriminate certain type of traffic for each link. That is, if requested, we can configure for a user, service or application to go to the internet through an exclusive link and use the other internet link for common navigation themes.



On the administrative side, our content control has a test module. That is, the administrator will not have to physically approach or remotely connect to the end user or communicate via telephone to make sure that the rule performed works correctly. The administrator will have the possibility to perform their tests from the same administration console, confirming that everything is correct without risking operability. Business continuity is paramount.


  • Network Firewall / Protection.

  • Email Encryption and DLP.

  • Automatic and programmable updates.

  • Centralized administration.

  • Quality of QOS service by protocols, IPs, users, AD work groups, etc.

  • Control of high-powered WEB applications.

  • Configuration audit.

  • Administration by roles and permissions.

  • SSD (Solid State Hard Drives).

  • Rolling of multiple WANS.

  • Notifications and alerts system.

  • Double antivirus engine.

  • Restoration and backup copies.

  • Included and programmable reports.

  • Integration with Active Directory, RADIUS and LDAP.

  • 24x7x365 support with direct assistance number and ticket system with a response time of less than 30 minutes.


If we focus on operational improvements, NAT Total Security is managed through an interactive console that does not work under commands, all functionalities are managed from a single point whose configuration method is categorized as one of the simplest in the world "Drag and Drop. " Additionally, the administration console is accessible from any point, since it is a 100% Cloud console.

NAT Total Security is not only the best ally for the administration and protection of a network, but also for Management, since it allows you to manage and control the staff's bone hours and improve the performance and fluency of workers in general.

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