Secure and managed wireless access. Manage centrally the management of your wireless networks and the security of connections. All the antennas are automatically configured as they download their configuration from our Cloud console, all the users connected to WIFI networks obtain complete protection against threats thanks to our reinforced IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) modules.


We have modules such as advanced protection against threats (ATP), intruder prevention system, web filtering, etc. which allow us to guarantee the security, access, filtering and privacy of all users.



No local configurations are required on the antennas. These are contacted directly against your controller and will import the configuration that was provided. The antennas are automatically reported in the Cloud controller ready to be activated and managed.



We have a secure access method for guests without the need for additional equipment or complex configurations. In short, you can customize the permissions of these guests, set bandwidth limits, customize your login page and connection vouchers.



Our service has the most advanced encryption and authentication standards available, such as WPA2 Enterprise, IEE 802.1 X, and you can authenticate with Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP, eDirectory and TACACS +.



We have indoor and outdoor antennas that facilitate mesh and bridge connection types and work with the frequencies in 2.4 (300 Mbps) and 5 Ghz (867 Mbpz). The antennas can be installed in wall, ceiling.


  • Creation of wireless networks and profiles in 5 min.

  • Up to 16 SSID per antenna

  • Quality of QoS service by SSID

  • Configuration of access to wireless networks by schedules, consumption capacity, privileges, etc.

  • Firewall, content control and application control over each of the SSIDs.

  • Automatic updates of signature patterns.

  • Online advertising by SSID.

  • 100% coverage guarantee.

  • Authentication of double factor and passwords (OTP).

  • Assignment and limitation of bandwidth by SSID.

  • Creation of HotSpot and access vouchers

  • Isolation of the clients

  • Management reports incorporated.

  • Detailed and automated traffic reports.


Without a doubt, NAT Secure Wireless Network is ideal for creating several independent wireless zones in a secure way.
You can configure a single wireless network to provide employees with access to network resources, all without compromising the integrity of the internal network.
It is more advantageous for your establishment to provide WiFi access to end users and / or clients because it can prevent the undue use of bandwidth or illicit practices by users.

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