NAT Protection for Public Server is a Web application firewall Cloud service that helps protect your public server from attacks that can affect security and consume resources from your servers, leaving them out of service. Your site will be protected from SQL Injection, Xss and crosscripting attacks among others.


We offer protection against URL rewriting. Therefore, when a client requests a web page, all the static URLs of the web page are signed. The firm uses a similar procedure as with the cookie signature. Additionally, the response of the Web-Server is analyzed and compared with respect to the links that are requested in the next application.



Protects your web servers against the manipulation of cookies. When the web server establishes a cookie, a second cookie is added to the first one that contains a hash constructed based on the name of the primary cookie, its value and a secret, where the secret is only known by the NAT Protection for Public service. Server. Therefore, if the request can not provide the correct pair of cookies, some type of manipulation has occurred and the cookie is discarded.



The reinforcement of web forms protects against rewriting it. This type of protection saves the original structure of a web form and applies an internal signature. Therefore, if the structure of a form is modified, when it is submitted to the NAT Protection for Public Server service, it rejects the request.



NAT Protection for Public Server uses common usage pattern searches. The lack of such patterns usually indicates malicious requests. These patterns include, among other things, HTTP headers such as Host and User-Agent. We also apply the adhesion to the RFC standard specification of the HTTP product. Violation of these rules usually indicates bad intentions, less expensive alternatives to MPLS.


  • Installation and configuration in 20 minutes.

  • Automatic Updates.

  • Reports included.

  • Protocols violations.

  • Analysis of Protocol Anomalies.

  • Defense against SQL Injection attacks.

  • Notifications and alerts system.

  • Outgoing traffic analysis.

  • Defense against attacks Robots malicious.

  • Defense against XSS attacks.

  • Limits of requests.

  • Greater security with scanning.

  • Protection of public IPs and traffic balancing on them.

  • Defense against Trojan attacks.

  • HTTP directives.


NAT Protection for Public Server intercepts the traffic that reaches the servers to protect them against attacks and manipulations. It protects web applications or public IPs against more than 350 attack patterns, including SQL injection techniques, cross-site scripting and directory crossings. In addition, we scan all the files and the incoming content with our double antivirus agents to avoid the entry of infected content in the network.

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