NAT Private Cloud Server (Trusted solutions based on the cloud). We offer a wide range of cloud-based products, such as storage, analysis, database, applications and implementations that help our customers with IT cost reduction, scalability, disaster recovery, etc. Additionally, we provide a Next Generation Firewall (IPS + ATP) as a gateway, which can only be accessed by our equipment and Authenticating agents for total client security.


The installation does not require facilities or technical personnel for the implementation and / or connection of our Authenticators. It is only necessary to plug them into power and Internet, this will perform all the configuration automatically and establish the dedicated connection to their servers.



Our Authenticators make communication to the servers, this communication travels encrypted (AES-256), compressed by 30% and have the possibility of making link balances. Additionally we can allow the connection only of specific users or equipment, in such a way that if they want only certain devices to connect to their servers in the cloud it will be possible thanks to our technology. Also, our Authenticators have a transfer limit of 400 Mbps, so the client would have to have a bandwidth greater than this to present a bottleneck.



Our methodology allows us to hire the resources that are going to be used at the moment, it is not necessary to oversize the resources thinking about the growth that will take place in a couple of more years for example. Thanks to the continuous monitoring we provide, we can detect the moment in which we need to increase resources; the recommendation is made and advice is provided at all times.



NAT Private Cloud Server thinks of external users, which are usually the main cause of loss of information from the servers when losing any device that has installed some method of connection to them. Because of this, NAT Private Cloud Server has its own Authenticator agent, which is integrated with a double authentication factor to control the access of these users. In such a way that external users will need to have the agent in their device and additionally they will need an application installed in their Smartphone / Tablet which will generate a code that must be entered in the Authenticating agent to validate the connection.

Why do companies need NAT Private Cloud Server?


Companies have to protect their data in case of user errors, hardware failures, security and virus breaches, loss or theft of devices, software errors, data loss and problems with software and hardware updates, etc.

Companies require a safe and cost-effective alternative to replace their local backup solution.

In addition, companies need to automate processes to reduce the workload of the IT department and improve productivity.


  • Connection encrypted in AES-256bits and compressed to 30%.

  • Next Generation Firewall with IPS and ATP as gateway.

  • Web application firewall.

  • Double authentication factor.

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.

  • Security and identity to avoid information theft.

  • Scalability at all times.

  • Disaster recovery with automatic backups.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.

  • Reports included.

  • Classification of profiles by roles.

  • Unlimited connections in simultaneous.


No additional cost our service has a perimeter protection that has DLP engines and traffic audit, Web Application Firewall, Dual Perimeter antivirus engine, QoS, optimization and bandwidth enhancement, ATPs (real-time packet scanning ), IPS, Firewall and several additional modules that can provide security, management and operability to customers. This security gateway encapsulates the servers of our customers by establishing a secure LAN for their servers, this means that the connection is stable through a secure LAN mode, if you need to publish a server we have unlimited public IPs and free.

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