With NAT Connect Turn any part of the world into part of your local infrastructure. Our service offers an interconnection method for many sites easily and quickly with which we generate a large extended LAN among all its locations and its resources in the cloud. You can also control all types of network access, web control to your entire computer park, anti-spam, web application firewall, VPN clients, etc. If you have branches, points of sale, remote offices or similar, you need to expand your network safely, easily and affordably beyond your main facilities. For this, the authenticating devices that make up the NAT Connect service are the ideal solution: exceptionally simple and functional. NAT Connect provides an elegant solution for the construction of a secure distributed network.


The Authenticators equipment will allow the control of all the details and elements of the network for all the remote offices, in this way it will allow the communication between them, offering the option of sharing any type of resources.



It does not require facilities or technical personnel for the implementation and / or connection of our Authenticators equipment in the remote offices. It is only necessary to connect them to power and Internet, this will make all the configuration automatically and establish the MPLS connection.



By having an extended private network, centralized management is as simple as managing a single branch. From a single point you can deploy firewall policies, web control, configuration of remote accesses, perform audit of accesses and changes executed, etc. Additionally you can observe in real time the traffic used in each of the venues with a single click and take action on it.


The NAT Connect solution unites disparate networks into a single virtualized logical WAN: simple, reliable, secure and with cost savings of up to 80%.


Authenticators can balance and mix 2 or more Internet links, whatever the type. So it could have redundancy.


  • Network Firewall/Protection.

  • The strongest AES-256 bit encryption.

  • Automatic and programmable updates.

  • Detailed administration of WANs consumption.

  • Control of high-powered WEB applications.

  • Centralized administration.

  • Proxy layer 7.

  • Configuration audit.

  • Administration by roles and permissions.

  • Quality of service QOS.

  • Rolling of WANs.

  • Notifications and alerts system.

  • Double Antivirus engine.

  • Restoration and backup copies.

  • Included and programmable reports.

  • Integration with Active Directory.

  • Mobile network access control.

  • Web Application Firewall.

  • Integrated 2 factor authentication.

  • Directory, RADIUS and LDAP.


  • In the first place, it is not necessary to spend on Internet links specifically with dedicated public IP's, saving more than 45% in the installation.
  • Thanks to the goodness of establishing your private connectivity with any type of WAN link, you save more than 50% in the monthly cost of the internet for each location.
  • Unify more than 10 security and control modules for your network, avoiding the purchase of other irons with limited functionality.
  • Operatively you can manage unlimited locations from a single 100% cloud management point which does not need to be installed on virtual or physical servers, this optimizes the client's resources.

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