NAT Backup Cloud and Local is a powerful backup solution in the cloud and local backup. Rely on secure and scalable external backups for any type of data or systems anytime, anywhere. Also make local backups from the same platform to have a higher speed in the Restore.


It offers a single management panel so you can deploy agents, manage them and make backup copies. You have a self-service backup monitor so you can control your own backup process and have a centralized view of activities and problem alerts.



Supports workstations and servers, both physical and virtual. Provides usage and detail reports of the Backups made.



Offers SSL encryption of the management channels and encryption of AES-256 data in transit and waiting. NAT Backup Cloud and Local is located in data centers designed for Level-IV and SSAE 16 certified worldwide.

Why do companies need NAT Backup Cloud and Local?


Companies have to protect their data in case of user errors, hardware failures, security and virus breaches, loss or theft of devices, software errors, data loss and problems with software and hardware updates, etc.

Companies require a safe and cost-effective alternative to replace their local backup solution.

In addition, companies need to automate processes to reduce the workload of the IT department and improve productivity.


  • Select the size of the backup storage you currently need (without oversizing) and get additional space easily as your infrastructure grows.

  • To easy IT administration with a unified interface.

  • Implementing a hybrid backup, eliminates the risks of losing data.

  • Eliminate costs associated with discs, tapes and the rough tape rotation system.

  • Centralized management for local and external backups that facilitates IT administration.

  • High percentage of data compression (normally more than 50%).

  • Encryption of data in AES-256 bits, the most secure protocol at present.

  • Supports any operating system.

  • There is no limit of end users.

  • Certified by SSAE-16 Backup Cloud Data Centers.

  • SLA uptime 99.999 %.


The data is stored encrypted in AES-256 bits, which means that only the client with a username and password can access the information stored in our Cloud. You do not need to be physically on your LAN to manage your backups: the console is 100% Cloud. We have privacy and confidentiality clauses with their respective penalties according to the data protection law (DLP).

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