Data Centers

More than 70,000 servers are running in the seven state-of-the-art data centers located in Europe and the USA. UU Thanks to the multiple redundant connections between data centers, New-Age Technology can guarantee almost                                100% uptime Highest level technology: Multiple redundant junctions to prohibit delays in data transfer, New-Age Technology data centers are configured with multiple                                Redundant connections to the most important internet centers with impressive connectivity will experience faster load times than world standards.


Data Center Services:    

  • Americas   Washington (USA) New York (USA) chicago (USA) Metro Kanzas (USA) Washington (USA) New York (USA) chicago (USA) Metro Kanzas (USA)
  • Europe   París
    París (France)
  • Paises Bajos   Amsterdam Amsterdam
  • Germany   Frankfurt am Main
    Metro Karlsruhe
    Metro Frankfurt (Germany) Metro Karlsruhe (Germany) Munich (Germany)
  • UK   Londres
    Londres (UK)

Rely on secure and compatible Data Centers


NAT Backup Cloud and Local has the following certifications:

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